North Carolina church leader arrested for multiple sex crimes involving a child

North Carolina church leader arrested for multiple sex crimes involving a child. He is currently serving as a men’s ministry leader at Restoring Hope Foursquare Church in Dallas, North Carolina. He leads a group called Men of Valor. The alleged incidents took place between 1994 and 1998 in Brunswick County, beginning when the victim was […]

DoD would rather buy broken missile defense than fix it

DoD’s Missile Defense program continues in disarray, no matter how they try to spin it or how fast they desperately try to “field it.” DOD’s report included the development of one option to mitigate the vibration problem that was determined to be the root cause of the December 2010 GMD flight test failure. However, the […]

FAA trying to prevent drone rescues in America

  The FAA is out of control with this.  Drones are out of the barn and taking an aerial photo of these luddites trying to close the doors. A Texas group that searches for missing people is fighting a Federal Aviation Administration order to stop using drones These guys are out trying to help people […]

Picture of an EquusSearch drone launch

20 Feet

If you appreciate an excellent performance, you must see this

I spent last week in Washington D.C. as part of Storm the Hill 2014 but I’ve written about it on TexVet and will write more.  There is a lot going on at my work.  I’m having fun with new hobbies.  But – this performance intrigued me: and I found it after watching this transcendent documentary […]

List of Media from Storm the Hill 2014

Miami Herald: David Dickerson sent this note: The New York Times on the Day of Action: Stars and Stripes piece: The CBS News video piece: Yahoo Video: Vimeo of Duane: and Ann and David in Oklahoma   Politico ran a nice gallery of pictures: UPI’s […]

Is everyone lying about the “rogue CIA op”?

With statements like this (and yes, I understand & encourage media outlets to cooperate when the government asks for time on ongoing operations) it is hard to tell who’s lying.  Maybe this is all part of yet another orchestrated campaign to free this guy.  Who can tell? The New York Times has known about the […]