Busy investigative and triumphant week

I’ll combine a couple of events here – last week just zoomed by but I want to leave a record of the privilege I had to witness the power (and necessity) of the press and what it can encourage – good governance. First, thanks to the Austin American Statesman and […]

Jeep Pano

If you can’t honor your oath, you shouldn’t try to lead

Without calling any names, I would like to point out that too many of our politicians repeatedly, maddeningly, and either erroneously or in sedition miscast their role (or desired role if a presidential candidate) as a leader of the U.S. To wit – it is not their job to “protect […]

ca. 1980-2001

This is fun



Traveling dissonance

We reap what we sow (or don’t)? Some rural folks are beginning to see the efforts of their continued votes for tea baggers and anti-tax politicians pay off.  Now, they can’t seem to understand why the government isn’t working for them” Rural communities complain that they are being shortchanged in […]

Want to ride with IAVA in the NYC Vets Day parade? Bike included?

This came in a cool note from IAVA today: Here at IAVA, every day is Veterans Day, but November 11th is when we all get together to celebrate our service. Each year we go big, but this year we are going even bigger! IAVA and proud partner Victory Motorcycles have […]

Ben Carson wants troops to pay for health care?

So, instead of having VA benefits, you could take from the savings account and pay for the injuries you received on active duty?  Let’s do the math on that one… He said they would also be enrolled in a federally funded health savings program. With troops making 18-25k a year, […]

Phantom 3 flights

Here’s one of the first videos I’ve shot, using the Phantom 3 Pro, known as “The Princess.”  A couple of women out sightseeing were very curious about the quad and especially the little setup dance you have to do.  I took a minute to explain some of the controls DJI […]